At Archon, St Louis's big convention in early October, I was given a panel during which I could record an entire episode of the White Rocket Podcast, interviewing DAVID WEBER, JAN DiMASI, and LEE MARTINDALE. The panel and interviews went great. Unfortunately, I later discovered that the computer I had recorded the show on had malfunctioned, and instead of recording via the nice and expensive microphone I was passing around to everyone, it was recording off the crappy built-in "webcam mic." 

So it sounds terrible.

SO. Clearly that episode will require a good bit of work to get it in anything like shipshape. My apologies to all involved and to all who were looking forward to hearing it.  I will get it together and posted asap.

Meanwhile, stay tuned in the coming days for a new series of episodes with more of the great guests and topics you've come to expect from the White Rocket Podcast!

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