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Alan J Porter and Van Allen Plexico review the classic 1971 Steve McQueen racing film about the 24 Hours of Le Mans--and all the fascinating behind-th...View Details

White Rocket Podcast 171: Van is joined by Michael Gordon (of Earth Station One) and Kell Carpenter to relive the glory days of movies, TV, comics and...View Details

This seemed like a good time to RE-POST the episode from a couple years ago where John and Van discussed the Ready Player One NOVEL. This accompanies ...View Details

Jarrod Alberich returns with a new installment of COMICS WITH NORMIES, where he shares classic comics with a non-comics reader. This episode he gets h...View Details

In a special crossover episode separate from the AU Wishbone and the White Rocket shows, Van and John discuss the current season of Formula 1 racing a...View Details

Author and editor Percival Constantine joins Van to discuss the seven X-Men movies (2000-2014) from Fox.

Van Allen Plexico is joined by Ralph Angelo, Jr, and James Hickson for a roundtable, spoiler-filled review of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

At Archon, St Louis's big convention in early October, I was given a panel during which I could record an entire episode of the White Rocket Podcast, ...View Details

Yes, you read that correctly: Van's guest this week is SF legend Larry Niven, who sat down with him for an hour-long discussion about his career and w...View Details

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