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Superstar British Space Opera novelist and New York Times Bestselling author Peter F Hamilton (Night's Dawn trilogy; Void trilogy; Pandora's Star/Juda...View Details

Van and Shawn Michael Vogt complete their discussion of the first five volumes--the Corwin cycle--in Roger Zelazny's epic Chronicles of Amber with a l...View Details

Shawn Michael Vogt returns to help Van discuss the third novel in Roger Zelazny's epic Amber Chronicles (and the Corwin Cycle): Sign of the Unicorn.Co...View Details

Van performs the first two chapters from his "Novel of the Year" award-winning book, LEGION III: KINGS OF OBLIVION, in this installment of the occasio...View Details

This episode is, in its entirety, the ten-minute file Van was asked to submit to the Parsec Awards committee for consideration after being nominated f...View Details

Shawn Michael Vogt joins Van to discuss volumes 1 and 2 of Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber classic series: Nine Princes in Amber and The Guns of A...View Details

Van is joined this week by author and publisher James Palmer to discuss the Great Hugo Award Controversy of 2015. Who's right? The Puppies? The SJWs? ...View Details

New York Times Best-Selling and award-winning author Graham McNeill joins Van this week to discuss his past and upcoming work, his writing approach an...View Details

This week's White Rocket Podcast features another Audiobook Special: Van reads two chapters (no spoilers!) from The Shattering, LEGION II: KINGS OF OB...View Details

David Wright comes aboard the White Rocket this week to unveil his new fantasy novel (with strong spiritual layers)-- MY BROTHER'S KEEPER.The show is ...View Details

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