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Van is joined by Bobby Nash, Jim Yelton, Percival Constantine, Bobby Politte and Susie Politte to discuss the first three MCU TV shows from Disney+. R...View Details

Jarrod Alberich, the Yardsale Artist, sits down with comics newbie Winn Carroll to get Winn's reaction to the classic comic ROM #23, from Oct 1981, gu...View Details

David Wright (author and artist) sits down with Van to dig deep into Van's SENTINELS Superhero Novel series. They also discuss the craft of writing an...View Details

Jim Yelton joins Van to dig deep into the epic finale to 11 years and 22 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, AVENGERS: ENDGAME, and to speculate ...View Details

Michael Gordon of the ESO Network joins Van to discuss Jim Starlin's epic masterpiece, the INFINITY GAUNTLET, source of much of the Avengers: Infinity...View Details

And there came a day when Earth's Mightiest Podcasters banded together to discuss a movie no single podcaster could preview. On that day, the Avengers...View Details

GHOST RIDER 35 by Jim Starlin, from April 1979. Jarrod Alberich returns with COMICS WITH NORMIES, where he shares classic comics with a non-comics rea...View Details

John Ringer joins Van for a quick discussion of THOR: RAGNAROK. Spoilers are saved until after a clear warning signal. Be a part of the White Rocket E...View Details

Jarrod Alberich returns with a new installment of COMICS WITH NORMIES, where he shares classic comics with a non-comics reader. This episode he gets h...View Details

Van is joined by David Wright to discuss the Thor: Ragnarok trailer and its connections to Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. Be a part of the White Rock...View Details

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