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Van is joined by his daughter Mira Plexico to discuss READY PLAYER TWO! (Spoilers!!) Thanks to all of our patrons for making shows like this possible!...View Details

John Ringer joins Van to dig into the brand new sequel novel to Ernest Cline's READY PLAYER ONE. (Non-spoiler section first, then we go into detailed ...View Details

Van and John dig deep into the Ready Player One movie with a few minutes of non-spoiler review and then a deep dive into the geekery. Be a part of the...View Details

From the Sci Fi Literature track of DragonCon 2016, it's the Ready Player One panel. Van is joined by Bethany Kesler and John Hudgens to discuss the b...View Details

John Ringer, co-host of the Wishbone Podcast, joins Van again this week to dig into one of their favorite books (and upcoming movies!)--READY PLAYER O...View Details

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