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Van is joined again by John Ringer to rank and discuss all the opening action sequences to the 24 official James Bond films.

Also available on Wh...View Details

Van gives his instant reaction thoughts after having just seen SPECTRE for the first time. Where does it fit into Bond lore and history? How good of a...View Details

Gary Mitchel, Co-Director of DragonCon's American SF Classics Panel, joins Van this week to discuss what's coming up this year in one of the con's mos...View Details

In Part 7 of our 6-part series on the Bond films, John Ringer returns to debate and rank all 23 major Bond villains along with Van. They start at 23 a...View Details

John Ringer returns for the sixth and final installment in the James Bond film discussion. This week he and van cover the Daniel Craig era, including ...View Details

Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day are the topics this week as John and Van continue their series discussing ...View Details

Van and John discuss the final three Roger Moore Bond films-- For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, and A View to a Kill, plus the two Timothy Dalton films -...View Details

In part 3 of their 6-part series on all the James Bond films in depth, Van is again joined by John Ringer to discuss the first four Roger Moore films:...View Details

Van continues his conversation with John Ringer about the remaining James Bond films starring Sean Connery as 007, along with the Lazenby film of 1969...View Details

Van is joined by John Ringer (and a secret guest) to discuss the first three James Bond films, starring Sean Connery as 007. This is the first of a pr...View Details

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