Archive for September 2017

Michael Gordon and Kell Carpenter join Van to reminisce about the amazing LIVE AID concert(s) of July 13, 1985. Be a part of the White Rocket Entertai...View Details

Open Wheel 20 Sept 2017

Alan and Van discuss the four most recent Formula 1 races and potential driver changes, as well as the final races of the IndyCar season for 2017 and ...View Details

Van joins the Vikings panel at DragonCon 2017 to discuss the most recent season and to look ahead at what is to come. Be a part of the White Rocket En...View Details

Van is joined by James Palmer, Bill Ritch and SM Stirling to discuss the life and work of Roger Zelazny. From the Sci Fi Literature Track of DragonCon...View Details

Van joins the Game of Thrones Season 7 Lookback Panel from the Fantasy track of DragonCon 2017. Be a part of the White Rocket Entertainment family by ...View Details

Van moderates for and interviews the legendary Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle at DragonCon 2017 in front of a massive ballroom audience. Be a part of...View Details

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