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White Rocket 034: Audiobook Special!  Van reads Chapter 1 of HAWK: HAND OF THE MACHINE, his acclaimed SF/Space Opera/Military SF/New Pulp novel.

New Pulp/adventure fiction author Barry Reese comes aboard the show this week to discuss his many works and the various books, comics and more that ha...View Details

Anthony Taylor joins Van this week to discuss a show near and dear to both of them-- SPACE: 1999!  Anthony has written extensively on 1999 and ot...View Details

Author, editor and comics scribe Jim Beard joins Van this week to discuss his comics and New Pulp writing, superheroes, pulps, and even the classic Ba...View Details

The topic this week is the "King of Comics," the one and only Jack Kirby--writer, artist, and creator or co-creator of half the Marvel Universe and a ...View Details

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