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Alan J. Porter of the Bond Lexicon joins Van in a crossover episode with On Her Majesty's Secret Podcast to look at 14 Sean Connery films in which he ...View Details

Jarrod Alberich, John Ringer and Van Allen Plexico return to finish out Round 1 of the World Cup of James Bond films, including From Russia with Love,...View Details

Jarrod, John and Van return for episode 2 of the World Cup of James Bond Films. This time the combatants include Thunderball, Live and Let Die, Goldfi...View Details

On Her Majesty's Secret Podcast, Episode 001, with Van Allen Plexico, John Ringer and Jarrod Alberich Van, John and Jarrod kick off their new James Bo...View Details

Van and John are joined by White Rocket's Art Director, Jarrod Alberich, to discuss the best (and worst) gadgets from all 24 James Bond films from EON...View Details

Van and John finish up their rankings of the James Bond film theme songs, with the 12 (or so) best ones.  (Part 2 of 2)

Part of the Earth Station ...View Details

James Bond returns! Van and John play the theme songs of the 24 classic, EON-produced James Bond films, ranking and discussing each one. (Part 1 of 2)...View Details

Van interviews author and filmmaker Bruce Scivally, who worked on the James Bond DVD special features, as well as writing massive and comprehensive bo...View Details

John and Van continue their rankings and discussion of the James Bond opening action sequences, now doing their 12 favorites, counting down to what ea...View Details

Van is joined again by John Ringer to rank and discuss all the opening action sequences to the 24 official James Bond films.

Also available on Wh...View Details

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